The following news tracks all exciting moments that happened to this lab and its members.

Congradturations to Lu and Giang for their development of plant-based egg white analogs published


This work used the RuBisCO protein as the plant protein ingredient for the development of plant-based egg white analogs. They formulated this new plant-based egg white analogs, and also compared their appearance, rheology, and thermal gelation with the real egg white. They found that the viscosity, gelling temperature, and gel strength of the analogs were similar as those of real egg white. Read more

Congradturations to Giang and Lu for the first place prize in the video competition held by Texture Technologies


This is their first time to receive the First Place TTC 2022 Student Video Competition Contest Winner. They creatively used the Texture Analyzer to compare the difference in physicochemical properties of both real beef meat and plant-based meat. Great job! Here is their creative video. Read more

Congradturations to Giang for his excellent work on the effect of cooking methods on properties of beef and plant-based burgers


This work investigated the impact of different cooking procedures (pan frying, air frying, and oven baking) on the physicochemical properties of beef and plant-based patties, in particularly the influence of cooking temperature and time on the appearance, texture, cooking loss, and shrinkage. Read more

A pleasant journey to the 2022 IFT conference in Chicago


Lu had a pleasant journey to the 2022 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) conference in Chicago! Full of harvest! Lu got the chance to present my recent work “Development of Proposed Tests for the Characterization of Beef Burgers and Their Plant-Based Analogs”. Read more

Congradturations to Lu and her collaborators for publishing a paper in Food Structure


Our recent work on the creation of the plant-based adipose tissue analogs using an emulsion technology has been published in the Food Structure. This work was mainly carried out by the Xiaoyan, and Lu also helped her to make up additional experiments. Congradturations to Lu and her collaborators. Read more

The official website has been born


This new baby is designed to accompany the growth of this lab, and will be continuously growed up! This is created based on a academicpages template and hosted on the GitHub pages now. We also used the Google domains to create our domain and manage it.
Read more